Excuse me while I break my site…

1 Posted by - April 8, 2013 - Life

Update: the new site is live! It’s still really buggy as it can take a full 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate and we’re still fixing things. But it’s getting better. Thank you for hanging in there! XOXO ~Christine

I’m making some big changes. Like freaking huge, oh my god, seriously, what am I doing, I just had a baby and who’s idea was this anyway changes.

We will launch soon (like a week?). Everything will look different. We’re super excited. Until then, I’ll be googling CSS tags that I’ve long forgotten and Drew will be putting on his rusty graphic design boots (they have thick soles for crushing it) and we’ll be breaking the ever-living hell out of this site. It’s going to be mess. Then it’s going to be awesome. But first: really, really messy.

Hang on. We’ll be back. Here’s some zen-photography from our backyard in Mexico. Wish us luck.







  • http://twitter.com/almostfearless/status/321426351796129793/ @almostfearless

    Excuse me while I break my site… http://t.co/G4bG4o4Sjh

  • Jennifer Mc

    Cole’s hair seems to be getting darker every day.

  • http://walkingontravels.com Keryn @ walking on travels

    Don’t worry, it seems perfectly normal to me to do a huge change right after having your second kid. I mean really, it’s not like we get to sit still. We have a toddler after all!!! Cheers to big changes post baby #2!

  • http://twitter.com/LinzSlack/status/321496089771515904/ @LinzSlack

    Excuse me while I break my site… http://t.co/X9UXuhgY91

  • http://globalhelpswap.com/ Paul Farrugia

    You don’t do things by half do you Christine?!!

    Good luck!!!


  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    How exciting! Gorgeous photos!!!

  • http://www.patriciasands.wordpress.com Patricia Sands

    Love it! Can’t wait to see your next brilliant idea!

  • http://amandasummons.com/blog Amanda

    Good luck for new style!

    When you were just starting out, how did you start to reach new readers outside of your friends and family? I’ve just started a proper grownup blog and am unsure of how to branch out my readership so thought I’d ask for some advice :)

  • Heather

    Am I the only one who finds the look of Pinterest to be overwhelming? I feel lost.

    I will happily read your blog on my email feed. :)

  • http://carpe-travel.com/ Elaine @ CarpeTravel.com

    The redesign looks amazing! Love it.